Wardrobe Essentials

One of the  many keys to success lies in our attractiveness. Whether we want to admit it or not, we make judgment calls on people based on their wardrobe all the time. Everyone has the potential of having a good wardrobe foundation. As an entrepreneur, I understand all too well the importance of making the right impression the first time and it starts with everything I am not saying: my attire! Style guru Tim Gunn gives us the 10 wardrobe essentials that every woman MUST have in her closet:

10. Jacket

Not your boyfriend’s jacket! Ladies, please be sure to get something feminine and can be worn in the office or on a date. Nothing’s sexier than a nice jacket that fits and is looks good on you.


Women don’t wear as many skirts as we used to. Despite what you may feel about them, skirts are can say “flirty” or “powerhouse” depending on what you pair it with and how it’s worn.

8. Any Occasion Top

Make sure this is something you’re comfortable in and can easily transform from day time to night time. You should be able to wear this with your favorite pants suit, under your jacket or for drinks with colleagues during happy hour

7. Dress Pants

This one does not have to be black. Gunn says: “Whether in black, navy, charcoal or chocolate, a wool or silk pant that falls straight from the widest part of your hip is a wardrobe must. It can be worn with a chic blouse or a cashmere sweater, and by adding a blazer you can wear this look anywhere.”


Whether you own a business or work for corporate America, everyone needs at least one suit. You should splurge a little with this one. If you purchase off the rack, make sure you get a tailor to fit it according to your body. You can’t afford to get this one wrong!

5. Jeans

Everyone wears jeans (almost) and what I like about them is that they can be dressed up with the right accessories and cute top or dressed down with flats and a fitted t-shirt. Be sure to get jeans the hug your body but not so tight you create a camel toe (so 80s, not sexy).

4. Sweatsuit Alternative

As a business woman living in South Florida, I am always on the run. Either delivering products or running errands, I find that throwing on my favorite sweatsuit is the easiest thing to do. Time to give it up! Instead of wearing the same old, dingy sweatsuit, find something that hugs your curves and has a little bit of style! A nice seasonal dress or a cute top.

3. Trench Coat/Blazer

You can find this basic in many different colors and lengths. This is a must-have for fall and can be worn everywhere! If you live in sub-tropical climate like me then do away with the trench coat and go with a fitted blazer instead.

2.Collard White Shirt

This simple, classic essential goes great with jeans for a laid-back yet classy look or with your favorite suit to make it stand out. Sheer and lightweight, this one will never go out of style.

1. Little Black Dress!

You absolutely can not go wrong with the basic black dress! Pair it with a cardigan and flats for a day time look. When going out for a night on the town, rock your basic black with jewels and a strapped heels to bling it up!

Other essentials:

Closed-toe black heels

Bag or Purse

Matching accessories

Now it’s time to go shopping! Take this list with you next time when you’re ready to update your wardrobe. Please share with me where you go shopping for your essentials!


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