The day I became comfortable with make-up…

… was the day I saw it as art. Colors and patterns are all around us. We use colors to express moods, personalities and even fashion. For so long I was bothered by putting any kind of make-up on my face. I stayed away from everything that would alter my natural beauty. I would speak negatively about those who abused it. I vowed to not wear makeup and start a natural revolution! …until I had my epiphany.

I started to view make-up as art. And as an appreciator of art, I began to view my face and body as a canvas. ALL cultures have various forms of expression and face painting, or make-up, is just one of many forms.

One’s choice to participate in these traditions, customs and rituals should be a reflection of the range of form of

expression of an individual and her culture, not her hiding it. I’ve come to the realization that wearing make-up does not mean I am fake. It does mean I am hiding my god-given beauty nor does it mean I am no longer natural. Wearing makeup now affords me the joy of expressing myself through another form of art. 🙂

There are a few things to keep in mind when wearing makeup and these are my favorite tips:

1.) Start slow…

Rome wasn’t built in a day and it WILL take some time to get comfortable with the different brushes and

blending techniques. Ask questions! YouTube has made it possible to learn great tips w/o going to cosmetology school. The saying ‘Practice makes perfect’ applies here as well.

2.) Play w/ colors and schemes

The rainbow is as diverse as we are as human beings. When I started using make-up I stayed from bright colors and new techniques. Doing this only limits your range and what fun is that?

3.) Start (AND finish) w/ a fresh ‘canvas’

Before any painter paints on a canvas, she makes sure her brushes and her canvas are clean. Always cleanse your face prior to putting on make-up and before going to bed at night.

4.) Drink h2o!!

If you do nothing else (though you should), make sure to drink plenty of water. Not only does the clear stuff gives you glowing skin by flushing out toxins.

I’ve learned a lot and will continue to share my tips. Do you have tips to share? Please tell us your makeup tips and happy painting!

Nubiä —

‘The Modern Naturalista’


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