Are you the smartest in your group?

Have you ever heard the quote “If you’re the smartest person in your group, then you need a new group” by Les Brown? During my journey to becoming a Modern Naturalista, I found that I became more unsettled with the direction my future was headed in. I was no longer comfortable with the path I was taking. I was always questioning what was the next step, I could never fully relish in the moment. it wasn’t bc I couldn’t appreciate the present I knew there was more to life than I was doing. I never liked being comfortable. comfort for me became synonyms with complacency. I felt comfortable and I didn’t like it. sure I had friends who were earning much higher degrees than me and even making more money but I couldn’t help but think that getting a job was the easy, safe way out. isn’t that what we were taught? go to school, get a job! I wanted to live out my passions so the above quote symbolized for me getting out of your comfort zone.

The quote doesn’t just acknowledge IQ. You can replace the word smart with anything you wish. I replace it with ‘positive’ or even ‘ambitious’. Some friends keep you comfortable; they enable your bad habits and don’t call you out. True friends will challenge you, question you and at times, make you uncomfortable! My journey on becoming a Modern Naturalista wasn’t just internal growth, it was external too. I no longer spent time with people who didn’t challenge me. I no longer wasted precious time on those who had small minds. I was always an ideas person so I needed to surround myself with people who discussed more than just people and events; I needed movers and shakers! I needed people who could walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

If you see yourself wanting to move in a different direction, making positive choices and your friends aren’t biting maybe its time you get a new group. Don’t settle for mediocrity. You should always want more of yourself, your environment and your associates. You might have out grown everything around you; your friends, your space, your town, your job, your relationship. Never be afraid to demand more of yourself!


2 thoughts on “Are you the smartest in your group?

  1. I LOVE THIS!! Story of my adult life. Some people misconstrue it as being stuck up or judgmental. It’s called growth. I want the best for me AND my friends. Some people want to be the smartest one of the group, I want us ALL to be smart. (all around, not just intellect) I can’t wear the same size shoes I wore when I was 10. If my feet grew, then my mind should too.

    • All too often, we spend too much time with those who do absolutely nothing for us. I am continuously searching for growth and I make it my mission EVERYDAY to learn and surround myself around people who can quench this bottomless pit of thirst. Anyone who doesn’t understand that surely don’t have your best interest in mind and I say ADIOS to them! Be ever seeking, ever hungry, ever growing and never feel bad for leaving friends behind who aren’t on the same path as you. 🙂

      Good luck!!

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