Today I am Rich!

Today… I am rich!

I’ve never felt more alive. Suddenly, my past doesn’t seem
like a plethora of haunting memories of bad decisions. I decided today that
nothing mattered… any of the bad stuff at least. Today allowed me to view
yesterday as a necessary stepping stone for the person I am to become tomorrow.
All the doubt, all the hurt, all the negativity and fear seemed to prepare me
for today. Never have I felt more awakened!

The city seemed different, the air smelled different, my
thoughts seemed different… I made a decision today to never look back.
Everything up until this point was practice. Today is what separates the girl
from the woman. If I could capture a moment of growth, this was it! I have the
opportunity to live the life beautifully and naturally created for me… by
me.  No script, no scenes; just a
director, me and my lenses, my eyes. I am excited!

No longer am I afraid to be me. I am free to explore my
talents and employ my skills. Very few people are afforded a moment like this
and now I have arrived into my own. I am elated. I am filled with raw emotions
and nothing supersedes this moment.

All too often I found myself being stressed due to
overextending myself to others only to be met with no support in return. I am a
giver and will always be. Now I realize I can only do so to those who will do
the same for me. It’s time to dedicate time and energy to me.

I am a business woman and I am living out my dreams. In the
past weeks, I have come to realize that children are the most amazing beings.
Their world is full of imagination, full of color and filled with exploration.
Adults are merely children who have lost their sense of imagination. Somewhere
along the way we’ve lost our ability to dream. Somewhere along the way, we lost
our imagination and the explorative nature which colors our world. Today, I’ve
gained back my childhood and I will live out my passions: art, music, dance,
writing, culture, empowerment, philanthropy, business and much more! I will no
longer allow anyone to take that from me and those who try (and they will try)
will no longer be a factor in my life. I can no longer give 80% of my energy to
bottom 20% of the things and people in my life. I have claimed my talents,
strengths and passion and I will live them out loudly! My live is full of abundance
and I vow to live it in living color. I have declared my goals and have created
a plan to follow. I will not detour from this plan and I affirmed… Today I am



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