Motion Creates Emotion

Body language is a form of non-verbal communication consisting of eye movements, body posture, facial expressions and gestures. Research shows that 60-70% of all communication comes from body language, 30% derives from tone while only 10% of what we say comes from words. So it was no wonder when my business partner asked me what was bothering me last week that she knew my response, “I’m fine” did match up to what my hunch back of Notre Dame posture suggested, that I obviously wasn’t. At the time I just didn’t’ want to talk about it but because I’m a feeler, I couldn’t simply shake it off. I’m not the kind of stoic robot that hides emotion. easily. When I’m happy, the whole world knows and when I’m upset, it really shows; I wear my heart on my sleeve and I’m proud of it. Problem is when I’m down, it affects my work and ultimately my business. Although the problem wasn’t going to be fixed overnight, I needed to find a way to get my mind off of it and get me to being more productive.

After reading part of  Tony Robbin’s “Awaken the Giant Within”, his words ’emotion is created by motion’ radiated in my head like a bad (or in this case good) migraine. ‘Everything that we feel is the result of how we use our bodies.’ I needed to take action… immediately! I had not exercised in a few days and it clearly was affecting my emotions. I also went back into my memory bank and thought of all the things that made me happy and dancing was one of them. I hadn’t danced in 12 years! Something that I was clearly passionate about was absent from my life and incorporating it would not only help relieve stress but also endorphins which would make me feel better. That is why tonight I’ve decided to enroll in my first dance class in over 12 years at the University Center for the Performing Arts. This will be just one of the new changes that I am implementing in my life and creating the happiness that I seek!

I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t think or deal with your problems. What I am saying though is be mindful of what you’re NOT saying as it is a tell-tale sign of what we are feeling. if you’re felling a negative emotion, you can choose to change it in an instant! Movement makes us happy! Have you ever tried dancing with a frown. I challenge you to do it and you won’t be able to. Maybe a straight face but not a frown. The next time you feel upset, go to the bathroom and smile really, really hard for 5 seconds. If that doesn’t work, do 10 jump n jacks or run in place for 1 min. I can almost guarantee, you’ll feel better about the situation.

What activities make you happy? Share them with me… I’m willing to try (ALMOST) anything once 🙂


Standing up…. once again

I had been having a bad week. The most tragic thing that could ever happen to someone had just happened to me. As a small business owner, I was devastated. Nearly in tears, I sulked for a few days. Everything, all of my personal documents, my business contracts and overall life as I knew it had been on that zip drive and just like that, it had failed. I can’t remember the error message but all I knew is that there was no do-over. Once I’ve formatted the disk, I couldn’t take it back and I couldn’t open the documents either way.

Just when all faith had all but gone out of the window, one morning my tone changed. I wanted some fruit so I decided to go to the local supermarket (whose name I will not disclose) and
headed straight to the organic section. While picking up a bunch of fruit, (which I enjoyed more than anything I had ever tasted, they were so sweet!!) I heard the head cashier announce for “All cashiers CHECK please, All cashier CHECK! (Insert inaudible name here) COME TO YOUR REGISTER PLEASE! I NEED all cashiers to CHECK PLEASE!”

Right then and there it hit me… The sound of her voice hollering through the microphone was equivalent to blaring sirens to my ear. It was reminiscent of a cattlewoman calling to her herd…. And I didn’t’ like that feeling or that thought. I had always had a bit of a problem with jobs and the ‘wrong kind of’ authority. Respect was never a problem whether you were an elder or minor but working for someone was just not something I could digest for too much longer. I know I’m not the only one who felt smarter than her supervisors. Because I once worked for this company, I could personally relate to what having to go back meant: unmeaningful work, long hours, no place for advancement, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. That moment, I snapped out of my nearly depressive state and I made a decision to deal with the hand I had been given. Yesterday is long gone; I can only control what happens today.

Perseverance wouldn’t let me walk away without a fight. I couldn’t imagine going back to a world that made me unhappiness. The whole reason I got into entrepreneurship is so I could create in my own way and set my own rules. I hadn’t come this far to give up so soon.

So as I write this blog, I have vowed to not spend another day feeling sorry for myself. I’ve learned the importance of doing more than one data back up; maybe even email the document to myself if I have to.  I had just discovered Florence + the Machine and I couldn’t wait to dissect her sound and recreate! Music was the only best friend that could remedy this and a new sound always bring on fresh, new ideas. Besides, I could right all those wrongs I did wrong the first time around. 🙂

“Fall seven times, stand up eight.” — Japanese Proverb

Modern Naturalista