Live out your Passions; Live out Loud!

Last night I watched a film… this film, though hard to sustain during certain scenes, was something that could not be ignored. It taught me about passion and persistence. The movie:? PERFUME

Perfume is a murderous tale about a man born from virtually nothing who finds discovers his passion and stops at nothing to realize its full potential. Jean-Baptiste Grenouille was born in France to a mother whose 4 previous children were still-born. She wasn’t expecting him to survive but he did … and with the extraordinary gift of smell. Grenouille could decipher the smell of anything…. as long as it weren’t new. His passion for smells lead him to find the best perfume maker in all of France. This is a man who was enslaved for most of his life and yet managed to not let his misfortunes detour him from his passion.

I won’t give away any more details of the film for some of you may want to enjoy it but the message is clear: PASSION and PERSISTENCE will take you very far in life.

Have you ever taken in by someone’s enthusiasm? This person, whether she were selling you a product of simply giving you a review spoke with such a passion that you felt you wanted what it was that they were speaking of? That type of passion, enthusiasm can not be bought or faked. So often many of us go into professions that we have no interest in and it shows a few years, months or even weeks on the job. Why torture yourself? If I’ve learned anything from this economic transitional period (AKA: recession) it’s that we are now living in a time where we are not limited in what we can do and how we can live. Our parents and grandparents were forced to work for a living concerned with putting food on the table and keeping the lights on. This new information generation has afforded us the luxury of living out our passions and making our wildest dreams come true!

Everyday I am surrounded by entrepreneurs and business people who got into business simply by choosing to live out their passions. You can do the same! Take a few moments to figure out what your passion are.

Here are a few tips to help you discover your passions:

1.) Go back to your childhood: What did you enjoy doing when you were younger? Did you enjoy stories, building blocks? That may be the key to living the life you want?

2.) What are your hobbies? What do you do enjoy doing in your spare time? How do you life to spend your free time? Your passions may be discovered in your down time, away from the time clock!

3.) Has more than 3 people told you you’re good at a particular skill? If a few people are telling you something it may be true; this hold true for both good and bad 😉 Listen to them… especially if they’re your close friends and family and you value their opinion.

This generation that we are embarking in is the time for you to live your passions and go back to dreaming. Find what makes you happy and the money will come.


Today I am Rich!

Today… I am rich!

I’ve never felt more alive. Suddenly, my past doesn’t seem
like a plethora of haunting memories of bad decisions. I decided today that
nothing mattered… any of the bad stuff at least. Today allowed me to view
yesterday as a necessary stepping stone for the person I am to become tomorrow.
All the doubt, all the hurt, all the negativity and fear seemed to prepare me
for today. Never have I felt more awakened!

The city seemed different, the air smelled different, my
thoughts seemed different… I made a decision today to never look back.
Everything up until this point was practice. Today is what separates the girl
from the woman. If I could capture a moment of growth, this was it! I have the
opportunity to live the life beautifully and naturally created for me… by
me.  No script, no scenes; just a
director, me and my lenses, my eyes. I am excited!

No longer am I afraid to be me. I am free to explore my
talents and employ my skills. Very few people are afforded a moment like this
and now I have arrived into my own. I am elated. I am filled with raw emotions
and nothing supersedes this moment.

All too often I found myself being stressed due to
overextending myself to others only to be met with no support in return. I am a
giver and will always be. Now I realize I can only do so to those who will do
the same for me. It’s time to dedicate time and energy to me.

I am a business woman and I am living out my dreams. In the
past weeks, I have come to realize that children are the most amazing beings.
Their world is full of imagination, full of color and filled with exploration.
Adults are merely children who have lost their sense of imagination. Somewhere
along the way we’ve lost our ability to dream. Somewhere along the way, we lost
our imagination and the explorative nature which colors our world. Today, I’ve
gained back my childhood and I will live out my passions: art, music, dance,
writing, culture, empowerment, philanthropy, business and much more! I will no
longer allow anyone to take that from me and those who try (and they will try)
will no longer be a factor in my life. I can no longer give 80% of my energy to
bottom 20% of the things and people in my life. I have claimed my talents,
strengths and passion and I will live them out loudly! My live is full of abundance
and I vow to live it in living color. I have declared my goals and have created
a plan to follow. I will not detour from this plan and I affirmed… Today I am


Memorial Day Fun 2011!

This weekend is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation’s service. But Memorial Day also marks the official start of Summer for many! Time to head out to the beach, show off those beach-ready bods and whip out the grill for major fun in the sun! Most of you, like me, get to enjoy a 3-day weekend starting on Friday! Y-A-Y!!! Don’t be one of those last-minute planners! Here is my list for some fun things to do this weekend:

1. Head to the beach! (More specifically, the Keys!) If you’re fortunate enough to be in South Florida this weekend, head over to the Keys. This multi-isle oasis offers sun, surf and plenty of fun! The locals are friendly and the bars are hot! When you’re done and ready to enjoy the nightlife, make sure to wash your hair with shampoo from the Modern Naturalista! Your new friends will think you practically bathed in fruits!

2. Have a BBQ with friends & family. This is the time to enjoy your time with friends & family and what better way than by having a BBQ at the park or simply in your back yard.

3. Visit a museum. This may not be the first thing you think of on a big weekend like this one but museums are always packed of events and fun things to do with family! May is Museum Month in Miami and many of our attractions offer great deals on packages. Here are a few locals to keep in mind: Miami Beach Botanical Garden, the Children’s Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Haitian Heritage Museum.

4. Rent a boat. This one may not seem to obvious to some but renting a boat or even a kayak for a few hours will get you out of crowded streets and enjoying the pristine waters South Florida has to offer. Split the cost with a few friends, pack lunches and have everyone BYOB for fun in the sun and in the water!

5. Relax. As an entrepreneur, I’m always looking to unwind. At times I go weeks without a full night’s sleep and time away from it all is all I want to is sleep! Take time to get away if you can; this weekend is the perfect time to do just that. 🙂

Most important: BE SAFE while HAVING FUN!!

This my list on having fun this Memorial Day Weekend. Share with me what you are your family and friends are doing!

Are you the smartest in your group?

Have you ever heard the quote “If you’re the smartest person in your group, then you need a new group” by Les Brown? During my journey to becoming a Modern Naturalista, I found that I became more unsettled with the direction my future was headed in. I was no longer comfortable with the path I was taking. I was always questioning what was the next step, I could never fully relish in the moment. it wasn’t bc I couldn’t appreciate the present I knew there was more to life than I was doing. I never liked being comfortable. comfort for me became synonyms with complacency. I felt comfortable and I didn’t like it. sure I had friends who were earning much higher degrees than me and even making more money but I couldn’t help but think that getting a job was the easy, safe way out. isn’t that what we were taught? go to school, get a job! I wanted to live out my passions so the above quote symbolized for me getting out of your comfort zone.

The quote doesn’t just acknowledge IQ. You can replace the word smart with anything you wish. I replace it with ‘positive’ or even ‘ambitious’. Some friends keep you comfortable; they enable your bad habits and don’t call you out. True friends will challenge you, question you and at times, make you uncomfortable! My journey on becoming a Modern Naturalista wasn’t just internal growth, it was external too. I no longer spent time with people who didn’t challenge me. I no longer wasted precious time on those who had small minds. I was always an ideas person so I needed to surround myself with people who discussed more than just people and events; I needed movers and shakers! I needed people who could walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

If you see yourself wanting to move in a different direction, making positive choices and your friends aren’t biting maybe its time you get a new group. Don’t settle for mediocrity. You should always want more of yourself, your environment and your associates. You might have out grown everything around you; your friends, your space, your town, your job, your relationship. Never be afraid to demand more of yourself!

The day I became comfortable with make-up…

… was the day I saw it as art. Colors and patterns are all around us. We use colors to express moods, personalities and even fashion. For so long I was bothered by putting any kind of make-up on my face. I stayed away from everything that would alter my natural beauty. I would speak negatively about those who abused it. I vowed to not wear makeup and start a natural revolution! …until I had my epiphany.

I started to view make-up as art. And as an appreciator of art, I began to view my face and body as a canvas. ALL cultures have various forms of expression and face painting, or make-up, is just one of many forms.

One’s choice to participate in these traditions, customs and rituals should be a reflection of the range of form of

expression of an individual and her culture, not her hiding it. I’ve come to the realization that wearing make-up does not mean I am fake. It does mean I am hiding my god-given beauty nor does it mean I am no longer natural. Wearing makeup now affords me the joy of expressing myself through another form of art. 🙂

There are a few things to keep in mind when wearing makeup and these are my favorite tips:

1.) Start slow…

Rome wasn’t built in a day and it WILL take some time to get comfortable with the different brushes and

blending techniques. Ask questions! YouTube has made it possible to learn great tips w/o going to cosmetology school. The saying ‘Practice makes perfect’ applies here as well.

2.) Play w/ colors and schemes

The rainbow is as diverse as we are as human beings. When I started using make-up I stayed from bright colors and new techniques. Doing this only limits your range and what fun is that?

3.) Start (AND finish) w/ a fresh ‘canvas’

Before any painter paints on a canvas, she makes sure her brushes and her canvas are clean. Always cleanse your face prior to putting on make-up and before going to bed at night.

4.) Drink h2o!!

If you do nothing else (though you should), make sure to drink plenty of water. Not only does the clear stuff gives you glowing skin by flushing out toxins.

I’ve learned a lot and will continue to share my tips. Do you have tips to share? Please tell us your makeup tips and happy painting!

Nubiä —

‘The Modern Naturalista’

Are you a professional or a “pro”-faux-sional?

In these trying economic times, we only have one time to make a first impression. Whether we are head of a laid-back graphic t-shirt company or the CEO for an AM Law 100 firm, being a professional may mean the difference between getting a contract and not. Professionalism goes far beyond a title, a salary and fine threads. A true professional combines her skills, ethics AND (yes!) looks, providing the total package.
Because someone is working in a professional environment does not quantify her as a professional. And just because someone is working in a place preserved to be “non-professional” doesn’t mean that she is unprofessional. There are specific traits that one must possess in order to be labeled a professional.

Punctuality: A professional is ALWAYS on time!

Nothing excuses tardiness. It’s really tacky. I’ve been watching a lot of Real Housewives lately and I’ve noticed a direct link to the women who make the most money. They not only are excited about what they do, they are always punctual. Even when partying or having lunch with the girls, the one’s who are (almost) always punctual make a lot more money than those who are always “fashionably” late.

Preparation: Professionals practice preparation

A few months ago, I was invited to go on a trip to Naples. In my excitement, I didn’t take the time to check my car’s fluids and do a quick inspection. Not more than an hour into my ride, I blow a tire. What’s worst? I didn’t come with a spare. I know, “what was I thinking?”

A professional is always prepared, regardless of if you’re working that day or not! You never know when you’re going to make a potential sale or meet one of your clients or customers. You should ways look the part and be prepared with materials on your person or in your car so you can access them.

Persistence:Practice Makes Perfect!!

Professionals obsess over their businesses! They are very passionate about what they do and are involved in every detail of their careers. They are persistent even when things are grim. They realize that their success comes in their persistence. The reason why nearly 60% of restaurants fail in the first 3-5 years may be due to lack of persistence. (i.e. find the problem(s) and growing from mistakes)

Polished: Professionals play the part!

A professional pulls it all together with the look. Because you only get one time to make a first impression, the very first judgment someone makes about you comes even before you’ve said a thing! Agree or disagree, people first see who you are on the outside before they get to know who you are on the inside.

These are but a few traits that a true professional posses. If you are not making the kind of money you believe you’re worth or the kind of money you’d like to be making, establishing a few good habits may distinguish you from professionals and the rest!



“The Modern Naturalista”