Cut hair styling time in half!

It’s that time again… My hair is asking… no begging for a wash and perhaps even a treatment. While I enjoy the long shower when washing and conditioning and I really love the smell of my own products, I sometimes dread having to retwist my locs. It’s almost been 4 years and my hair has nearly reached my mid back. There are so many styles I can do to it at this point and that’s the fun part! I love the fact that my hair has so much length but I also find that it takes a little more time to get through it. Over the years, I’ve cut my hair twisting and styling time in half but the longer it gets, the more elaborate styles I can do to it and the more time it can take to get through it.

Here are a few tips I’ve learned along the way that help with getting through the tiredness and sometimes boredom of doing my own hair:

  1. Read a book: With the technology available on our phones today, I find myself always reading a business article or a book. Currently I’m reading Think and Grow Rich and I’m getting through it a lot faster than I would’ve imagined. I would recommend getting a screen protector so that any oils or moisturizer you’re using doesn’t seep into your phone. If you’re a student with reading assignments, you may want to consider reading while styling hair. I’ve found it very helpful!
  2. Play your favorite song (… and DANCE!)! I admit it… I’m a dance music junkie! Something about the electronic beats, the constant drums and synthesized melody can power me for the whole day. When I put on my Pandora or my playlist, I find that I get through my hair in half the time.
  3. Talk to a friend. Sometimes, it takes a good friend to get us through those difficult times and this is no exception. When there’s someone else in the house while I’m doing my hair, if possible, I engage in conversation with them. I’m an extrovert so I can always find something to talk about… that is, if someone is willing to listen. LOL!

Whatever you do…


I’ve found that t.v. is a big distraction and I try to stay away from until ALL  of my days’ activities have been met, be it business or personal. If you turn on the tube while doing hair, you may find your attention slip and it takes you hours to finish your hair. Have you ever been to a salon and the stylist is watching t.v. and you’ve noticed 15 or 20 minutes go by and she hasn’t started?! I would recommend not even going into a room with a t.v. to avoid the temptation altogether. This will cause lots of frustration as well as loss of time.

I hope will find these tips useful especially if you’re already accustomed to doing more than one thing at a time. I feel so productive when I have to do my hair because I’m killing two birds (sometimes 3) with one stone! Have any tips of your own? Share them with us!